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Citizens of the United States of America are normally referred to by the term estadounidense (rough literal translation: " United Statesian ") instead of americano or americana which is discouraged, [156] [157] and the country's name itself is officially translated as Estados Unidos de América (United States of America), commonly abbreviated as Estados Unidos (EEUU). [157] Also, the term norteamericano (North American) may refer to a citizen of the United States. This term is primarily used to refer to citizens of the United States, and less commonly to those of other North American countries. [156]

In Portuguese, América [158] is a single continent composed of América do Sul (South America), América Central (Central America) and América do Norte (North America). [159] It can be ambiguous, as América can be used to refer to the United States of America, but is avoided in print and formal environments. [160] [161]

In French the word américain may be used for things relating to the Americas; however, similar to English, it is most often used for things relating to the United States. Panaméricain may be used as an adjective to refer to the Americas without ambiguity. [162] French speakers may use the noun Amérique to refer to the whole landmass as one continent, or two continents, Amérique du Nord and Amérique du Sud . In French, Amérique is also used to refer to the United States, making the term ambiguous. Similar to English usage, les Amériques or des Amériques is used to refer unambiguously to the Americas.

In Dutch, the word Amerika mostly refers to the United States. [163] [164] Although the United States is equally often referred to as de Verenigde Staten ("the United States") or de VS ("the US"), Amerika relatively rarely refers to the Americas, but it is the only commonly used Dutch word for the Americas. This often leads to ambiguity; and to stress that something concerns the Americas as a whole, Dutch uses a combination, namely Noord- en Zuid-Amerika (North and South America).

Latin America is generally referred to as Latijns Amerika or Midden-Amerika for Central America.

The adjective Amerikaans is most often used for things or people relating to the United States. There are no alternative words to distinguish between things relating to the United States or to the Americas. Dutch uses the local alternative for things relating to elsewhere in the Americas, such as Argentijns for Argentine , etc.

Regardless of the cause of miscarriage, you should seek immediate medical attention for any signs of miscarriage. Please know that you may experience some signs of miscarriage without one actually taking place. It’s important for a medical professional to confirm what happened.

Your signs of miscarriage may vary by the stage of pregnancy you are in.

Signs of early miscarriage Further into a pregnancy heavy blood flow nausea During a Miscarriage

From the time a miscarriage starts to the time it completes, your body is basically undergoing labor. Most of your signs of miscarriage result from contractions and cervix dilation to help your uterus clear itself out.

Signs of miscarriage vary by how far into the miscarriage you are. If you are past the first trimester of pregnancy, your miscarriage symptoms may be severe and alarming.

After the miscarriage is complete, you may notice some spotting and cramping for up to a week, even if you took medication or had surgery to complete it.

Miscarriage Causes Risk Factors

There are many possible causes for a miscarriage. In some women, the cause is never known because the miscarriage occurs very early.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, common causes of early miscarriages include: ( 4 )

In addition, miscarriages throughout the first 20 weeks of pregnancy can be caused by: (4)

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Excessive caffeine

There are other possible causes as well. However, the factors listed above are the most common problems associated with miscarriage in the United States.

Risk Factors for Miscarriage

Even among healthy women, the chance of a miscarriage is up to 20 percent. However, some factors put you more at risk for miscarriage: ()

Conventional Treatment

When you have any signs of miscarriage, you should contact your doctor. Expect to be asked about your specific symptoms and signs of miscarriage, including the appearance and amount of bleeding. You may be told to come in for evaluation if your blood flow is heavy or lasts more than a day or two, or if your pain is severe or lasting.

When you come in for a visit to check for signs of miscarriage, you can expect:

After a miscarriage, you may have a follow-up appointment to check that your uterus is clear. If any tissue remains, you may be offered a procedure to help complete the miscarriage. This also reduces your risk of infection.

If you come in for a visit and the miscarriage is incomplete, you may be offered a few options: ()

Overall physical recovery may take from a few hours to a few weeks. The further along you were in your pregnancy or the more severe your signs of miscarriage, the longer it may take for you to heal.


len(). A QuerySet is evaluated when you call len() on it. This, as you might expect, returns the length of the result list.


Note: If you only need to determine the number of records in the set (and don’t need the actual objects), it’s much more efficient to handle a count at the database level using SQL’s SELECT COUNT(*) . Django provides a count() method for precisely this reason.

list(). Force evaluation of a QuerySet by calling list() on it. For example:


bool(). Testing a QuerySet in a boolean context, such as using bool() , or , and or an if statement, will cause the query to be executed. If there is at least one result, the QuerySet is True , otherwise False . For example:


Note: If you only want to determine if at least one result exists (and don’t need the actual objects), it’s more efficient to use exists() .

If you pickle a QuerySet , this will force all the results to be loaded into memory prior to pickling. Pickling is usually used as a precursor to caching and when the cached queryset is reloaded, you want the results to already be present and ready for use (reading from the database can take some time, defeating the purpose of caching). This means that when you unpickle a QuerySet , it contains the results at the moment it was pickled, rather than the results that are currently in the database.

If you only want to pickle the necessary information to recreate the QuerySet from the database at a later time, pickle the query attribute of the QuerySet . You can then recreate the original QuerySet (without any results loaded) using some code like this:

The query attribute is an opaque object. It represents the internals of the query construction and is not part of the public API. However, it is safe (and fully supported) to pickle and unpickle the attribute’s contents as described here.

You can’t share pickles between versions

Pickles of are only valid for the version of Django that was used to generate them. If you generate a pickle using Django version N, there is no guarantee that pickle will be readable with Django version N+1. Pickles should not be used as part of a long-term archival strategy.

Since pickle compatibility errors can be difficult to diagnose, such as silently corrupted objects, a is raised when you try to unpickle a queryset in a Django version that is different than the one in which it was pickled.

Here’s the formal declaration of a QuerySet :

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